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100ft Robot Golf – CODEX

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100ft Robot Golf-CODEX

100ft Robot Golf Cracked by CODEX – 100ft Robot Golf is a fast-paced arcade golf game the place you get to regulate impossibly massive robots on their quest for par. Simply swing your golf membership to smash even the tallest buildings out of the way in which – or into the way in which of your robotic buddies.
Title : 100ft Robot Golf – Size : 2.69 GB

Metal Assault CRACKED – VR

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Metal Assault CRACKED - VR

Metal Assault CRACKED – VR – It`s finally here! The first episode of Metal Assault! The most hardcore thrilling VR shooter action presented in CES with HTC and PPGUN is finally coming to Steam. Intensive 30 minutes of the real arcade style shooter experience, dodging bullets, hitting explosive barrels, riding crane and fighting against all kinds of vicious enemies…
Title :Metal Assault – Size : 780 MB

A Tech Cybernetic CRACKED – VR

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A Tech Cybernetic CRACKED - VR

A Tech Cybernetic VR – A-Tech Cybernetic is a visibly beautifully elaborated sci-fi game taking place at external and internal venues, whereby players are exposed to such effects and impacts, which are not possible for a human being to experience in real life without any dangers.
 Title: A-Tech Cybernetic – Size: 2.1 GB


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Heaven Forest NIGHTS - VR

Heaven Forest NIGHTS VR – The sequel to the Heaven Forest series. While the first game was about the meaning of life, this new one is about its opposite: what is the meaning of death? Since we are sentient beings who know that sooner or later we will die, do our efforts in the everyday life have a meaning at all?
Title: Heaven Forest NIGHTS –  Size: 669 MB

Slime san – Update 0.8.5

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Slime san - Update 0.8.5 Slime-san 0.8.5 – Slime-san was minding his own business when suddenly… A giant worm appeared and gobbled him up! Deep within the worm’s belly, Slime-san has to face a decision: Be digested by the incoming wall of stomach acid… Or jump, slide and slime his way through the worm and back out its mouth!

Title : Slime san – Update 0.8.5 – Size : 345 MB

War of Castle – VR

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War of Castle - VR

War of Castle VR – “War of Castle VR” is a multi-player MOBA VR game.You can fight against computer AI or other players. Unlike traditional games of this genre, it delivers a more realistic battle experience and deeper interaction. Its highly-immersive gaming environment and intense battles puts players directly onto the combat zone.
Title : War of Castle VR – Size : 341 MB

Passengers Awakening – VR Experience

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Passengers Awakening - VR Experience

Passengers Awakening VR Experience – Awaken on the Starship Avalon as it hurdles past Mars towards the Homestead Colony. You quickly realize that there are critical malfunctions onboard and fellow passenger Jim Preston needs your help to fix them.
Title : Passengers: Awakening VR Experience – Siz e: 2.1 GB