1.41 GB

✧ Release Date: October 4, 2016
✧ Genre: Action, 3D, 3rd Person, Stealth
✧ Platform: PC
✧ edition Type: Repack
✧ Game Version: 01.02b
✧ Language: English, French, German, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Japanese
✧ Crack: enclosing [CODEX]

✧ Operating System: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit versions)
✧ Processor: Intel Core i3
✧ Memory: 4 GB
✧ Video Card: DirectX 11 compatible graphics card (at least 1024 Mb of VRAM).
✧ DirectX®: Version 11
✧ Sound Card: Integrated audio interface
✧ Free space on hard disk: 5.7 GB
✧ Advanced: Required: Keyboard and Mouse with Secondary click enabled or gamepad (such as PS3 controller, Xbox 360 controller for Windows or Logitech gamepads).

Aragami begins with the fact that shows us a small intro with scraps of someone’s life. Then in front of us there is a mysterious girl named YAMIK, which tells the story very touched – in her words, our hero (Aragami) was called by her to help save the city from Kaiho army, which destroyed almost all, who could resist. It just so happened that we did not communicate with the girl, and with its projection. Our task – to find and rescue the girl, as well as to return the captured city by its former inhabitants.

It would seem that everything is very standard and trite, but the plot, despite its simplicity, gradually begins to surprise, as soon as we learn something new about our protagonist. The fact that he was constantly plagued by some kind of vision, which can be seen killing people. Whether it past our protagonist is raging, or vision associated with someone else’s life. Thus, we are forced to constantly ask questions about bekgraunda main character, which is quite interesting to study throughout the passage. A few words about the main character – his name Aragami (at least, so it calls YAMIK), it is a ninja, but is also able to interact with the shadows. At first, that’s all that we are given to know about the protagonist.

In fact, the Aragami can take place in several ways – secretly eliminate enemies one by one, or simply move the shadows to this point so that we do not notice it. All this can, of course, to combine, then there is only killing in those cases when it is necessary. However, it would not be so interesting if not for the ability to pump our miracle ninja. Initially, it can only teleport, but, of course, that his skills are not limited. Once we find the artifact, we can pump one of Aragami abilities. Some can also be improved by opening them new properties.

Graphically Aragami made simple but very stylish. That is, this game can not boast some kind of disruptive technology in the schedule, but it is not at all necessary. The product is perceived through the eyes perfectly, primarily due to the magnificent artistic style. Motion Animation Ninja and a blood spray, and Kill entertainment allow to get real pleasure from the pictures.

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